Patented Dual-Drapery Rod and Conversion Assembly*

Enhance the Look of Dual Drapery


Layer accent in front of sheer or opaque drapery

without a front rod obstructing the view


Curved conversion rods telescope into any compatible single-drapery rod to form the Dual-Drapery Rod.

Mounting-bracket pins secure it in a horizontal position when slipped through holes in the conversion rods.

Accent drapes are supported on the front and side sections of the conversions rods; back drapery on the telescoped single-drapery rod.


Telescopic design of the front sections of the conversion rods permits adjustment to the desired width of accent drapes,


or adjustment to use with fully-drawable front drapery.




Although they can be manufactured with high-end metals, prototypes demonstrate that

high-quality Dual-Drapery Rod and Conversion Assemblies can be made inexpensively.


The conversion assembly omits the single-drapery rod, since it is designed for

those who already have a telescopically compatible one they want to use.

* Utility Patents #8,479,931 & 9,033,296


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